SE23 Supper Club Part Two

I have been lax in my writing recently. Today after a lovely walk out and feeling very chilled I thought I would have a little catch up – capturing my random thoughts and musings for my posterity – I do quite like reading back on things I’ve done – the word version of Facebook memories!

Back in April I hosted my first supper club. In May I held the second. It was a slightly smaller group but just as much fun!

I was going to ‘cheat’ and do the same menu as the first as it was a new group of people but figured I wanted to challenge myself so went for something new – well for the first two courses anyway, I’m not very good at desserts so stuck to tried and tested! Actually – it’s good to do something new.

Living on my own I want to cook loads of great things but for the more intricate dishes you need lots of ingredients and there’s potential for waste which I definitely want to avoid!

No waste of food here though – everything was polished off!

It was lovely afternoon. Once you’ve done something once it becomes easier. I found it easier to prepare and cater for groups and easier to chat to new people. There wasn’t any stress at all this time.

As before everyone got on – and I had a couple of guests stay into the mid-evening just chatting away. Believe it or not two of the guests live on my street so we’ve been out a couple of times for a drink and a dog walk – and you know that’s one of the main purposes of SE23 Supper Club – to meet new people locally.

I hope to do another couple this year – especially as the weather is so lovely right now. The group on the NextDoor app has increased to around 100 so hoping the interest is still there – may even think about trying to get people together in the local park to open up the group a bit more. Let’s see – organic growth is better than pushed!

There are more photos @se23supperclub on Instagram – please do follow!

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