Tuning out and in

They say as week is a long time in politics and well that’s certainly the case this week! After listening to Boris’ resignation speech today where yet again he failed to acknowledge it was all down to him, I decided to take a break from the nonsense and took Rex out for a walk.

Over to my local Beckenham Place Park in South East London which is a gorgeous expanse of big fields and lovely woodland walks – perfect for dog walking.

Today I stopped to read the sign below – something I have never done on my numerous visits there and for once I decided to take heed and do exactly as it said.

A dose of nature – instructions!

And you know what? It was without doubt the best walk I’ve ever had there. For once I slowed down from my usual lightening London pace and took a stroll of just under five miles taking in the trees, the water, the sounds. I’m not really one for meditation or mindfulness exercises but when you have beautiful parks on your doorstep that’s all the relaxation I need.

Tuning out of the news and tuning into nature was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. I of course walk Rex every day but I really should just slow the pace ore often and take the time to soak it all in.

And that’s my #tipoftheday!

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