Masseur Benefits

There’s a clickbait title if I ever saw one!

Just before Christmas I went for a massage as my lower back is killing me. Whilst there, I asked my masseur what he knew about reiki. He explained it’s the energy from one human to another – from a sympathetic cuddle to a hug of joy. But when you’re trained in it, (as I found out he is) you can literally feel and interpret the energy from another human.

So, I asked him what he interpreted from me, and he said…

  1. You’re a powerful woman who scares off men.
  2. You want a man that will take the lead but not take over.
  3. You need a ‘friend boy’ (I call them boy mates) to just hang with.
  4. You need a toy boy who knows he stands no chance with you, but you can have fun with. (I think he means f*** buddy!)

I hadn’t even told the masseur I was single…

  1. No idea how to address this – do I actually scare men??
  2. Very true.
  3. I have two of them but unfortunately, they now live in the other two capital GB cities so maybe a local one is required.
  4.  Sort of identified one who I’ve known for 7 years and then just no, no, no – can’t. Need to find another.

I kind of like the advice from my masseur using his reiki technique that I had previously thought was complete mumbo. Regardless of whether it is or isn’t – I might try and work out 2 – 4. Number 1 – I don’t know at 46 that I can change my personality and let’s be honest I don’t really want to just to find a guy, so maybe I just need to find hold out for the chap that’s not scared… and who will take the lead but not take over… as recommended by my friendly masseuse!

2022 could be fun with this approach!

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