IT Hell

I reckon I’m pretty resilient on all things. Until it comes to IT.

I hate IT. I hate my laptop fucking up. I hate IT people talking AT me about what to do. I just want someone to sort my IT.

About six weeks ago my lovely laptop just started to play up. I have multiple email accounts for the clients I work for. And then out of nowhere my LT (LapTop) just started asking for passwords, refusing access. I contacted IT providers, everyone is blaming each other. TBH, the one thing I miss from corporate life is just handing my laptop to Dan and saying it doesn’t work – and he would just sort it. I’d still get pissy because I didn’t have a laptop for 2-3 hours but at least Dan would sort it.

Doesn’t happen as a freelancer.

Found a company who do stuff, he seemed to but then told me we’d need to get on a three way call with another provider. But then he stopped returning my calls, hung up on me once. I’ve checked their reviews and they’re fantastic. He did an hour’s work with me but then failed to complete the issue. His loss, I haven’t paid him – strange business model.

Long story short, I just accepted that maybe my laptop can’t cope with the work I do now. It wasn’t designed to do that. So, given I am an Apple whore I went to the Apple store in Covent Garden yesterday and purchased a lovely MacBook Air.

Got it home. It doesn’t charge. Had my 1:1 chat and told them so they transferred me to the tech team. The signal was so awful it was like talking to an alien. They told me they’d call me back. I had no missed calls but three emails telling me they were trying to contact me and to call them back but they didn’t give a number. The customer services number by that time had closed for the evening.

So spent three hours of my day today taking it back, getting a new one (it was the macbook not the charger) and here I am again hoping that it will work before my laptop tells me, like an old faithful dog, that enough is enough and I’m tired and want to sleep. So do I. Every hour I spend dealing with this is an hour less I’m working and earning as a freelancer.

Why is there not a company that just gets that not all of us are IT specialists – or more to the point we don’t care, we just need our equipment to work. I don’t want remote chat to talk through. I don’t want people saying click here, do this, all the stuff I’ve already done. Just take my device and make it work and take my stress away. I want Dan from RSA all the time.

Dan – if you read this, you have a business model in the making.

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