One Thing At A Time And The Rest Will Follow

Without doubt this feels like the most productive week I’ve had since resigning from my job last June.

I think it’s safe to say that despite my rather calm comments about my finances in my last blog I was really starting to panic in mid January; and it was rather fortuitous that I got an email which has led to me doing three days a week for the next six months in addition to my work with the wine school. I’ve finished my second week and now it’s starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere – have already met some great people and think it will be a good six months.

With the financial worries now behind me it’s felt like I’ve been able to just ‘park it’ and move on. Last week I talked about how I’d signed up for a half marathon and I started my training this week. Couch (potato) to 10k and I’ve completed four runs already. I have a great app that shouts at me as I run through its training plan – it’s great – I get daft little badges which oddly do motivate and I’m already feeling better, Rex is loving the evening runs (and I quite like that he’s knackered for an hour or two) and I’m hoping that when I step on the scales in the morning it’s already contributed to the actual goal I set which is about weight loss.

A tired Rex after his evening jogs rather than walks…

I had a good meeting with the accountant this week; very productive and I’ve been set some ‘homework’ before I meet with him again in April.

I’ve had a super ‘family and social’ week having met up with a few friends this week and had some lovely offers which I’ve accepted; Hacienda Classical at the Royal Albert Hall, Tom Jones in Chelsea and my friend Sarah and I are going to see Michelle Obama in April; I’m excited about all of them.

As I write up my ‘Past Week Reflection’ in my Performance Journal I am really pleased with this week’s efforts and when it asks the question ‘I was able to achieve this week because…’ the answer is because I have peace of mind over my financial security – if I think back to basic HR / Internal Comms change theory it’s because I’ve sorted the bottom layer of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ ie my physiological needs and now I can move on.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week with two friends who in their own way are trying to sort their own physiological needs. It’s not for me to share their stories but I have been able to (I hope!) this week be able to share in effect the contents of this blog and help them realise that you can’t achieve everything at once – it really is one challenge at a time.

There are still quite a few things to do from the goals I set myself at the start of the year; but hey it’s only February… I’ve got my ‘novel’ to write, the garden to sort, a little more time out and I’m also quite conscious that I haven’t really been doing much in the way of ‘wine’ recently! And let’s be honest, that’s why I left my job! To compensate I’m currently enjoying a glass of this very inexpensive Hungarian Pinot Noir and I’m really looking forward to a fantastic tasting of Spanish wines in a couple of weeks which just so happens to be back in the building where I quit my job last year!

A bargain Hungarian wine that is VERY drinkable
A bargain Hungarian wine which is VERY drinkable!

Moral of this little blog is the same as the title; just take one thing at a time and the rest will follow…