Ok… I know Kevin Spacey isn’t the most popular person in the world right now but his film ‘Pay it Forward’ is in my opinion one of the most underrated films ever. It’s the story of a school assignment where the teacher sets the project to think of an idea that can change the world for the better and a young student creates a ‘Pay it Forward’ plan whereby rather than returning a good favour you just pass it on to someone else. It’s wonderful.

I write this blog – generally because I find it cathartic to write, I always have. But what I’ve loved since starting it almost a year ago is when people contact me to say they’ve been inspired to do something different with their life. To some degree I feel that my (sometimes inane and sometimes maybe dull) updates might just give some inspiration for other people to change their lives to do something they really want to do. Or maybe they give themselves the option to be able to change their lives without knowing what they want to do. I set it up to share my experiences (highs and lows) and hopefully encourage others to follow their dreams too.

I was delighted today to receive a text from a friend of mine who took the leap a few weeks ago and today it’s paid off. Her leap of faith will enable her to be mortgage free which just opens up a million opportunities for what she decides to do in the future. I love the text where she says ‘I blame you for our conversation before Christmas’ – I’ll happily take the blame! As I wrote in my last blog sometimes when you make a big decision there’s lots of fear that creeps in or there’s a scary realisation that you’re ‘doing it’ and my experience says that’s ok because very quickly your mind starts to shift to the power of the possible. And that’s quite an amazing thing.

Earlier this week I met with someone who I’ve known (along with her husband) for some time (for now I need to keep it pretty vague) and they’ve bought an amazing property in France and have asked me to get involved. As things stand the opportunities could be incredible and we’re meeting again in April to go through my ideas and go through the details. This literally could be the job of my life and I’m incredibly excited. Had I not taken the plunge to leave ‘work’ last year this opportunity would not have come. It’s as simple as that. In addition, I met with another consultant who I’ve known for years and a couple of days consultancy is likely to come off the back of it for a client of hers.

Once you open your mind to changing your life; and take the steps to do it, the world opens up for you and if there’s one thing I can do to ‘Pay It Forward’ is to write about what about I’m doing; how opportunities do open up and hopefully give confidence to anyone who is reading and wants to try something new.

[My picture below… I was terrified of heights in unenclosed spaces until I went to Borneo. I faced my fear by walking across this 30m high wobbly bridge above the rainforest: it was on my bucket list so I faced into the dream whilst facing into my fear. Have never been afraid of heights since….]