You’re only 47 once…

There are certain birthdays classed as ‘special’ ones – 18, 21, 40, 50 etc. Am all for those – I spent six months celebrating my 40th after all!

But who says the other birthdays shouldn’t be as equally celebrated. So, this year turning the grand old and not very exciting 47, I decided to liven it up.

So, here I am, with one of my besties at Heathrow airport, she’s off buying a couple of bits before we head off to one of my favourite cities in the world – New York.

Rex is with his dog walker and going to enjoy having a few days of doggy playtime.

Sorting Rex was the only responsibility I had – a freelance lifestyle means I can go anywhere, do anything – as does my solo independent status.

And I must admit that even though 47 seems a bit uninspiring, a bit too close to 50 and a long way from 40 and whilst it’s more of a struggle these days to attempt to look like Liz Hurley (ha never did!) I don’t think I’ve ever really been happier. Life is definitely what you make it.

So, am wishing myself a happy birthday and see you all from state side :0)

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