SE23 Supper Club: Part 1

I had an idea. And I put it into action.

Statement one: I just love cooking for friends. I love having them over to the flat, preparing the food, hosting, wine pairing, perfect music accompaniment. It’s an ideal afternoon or evening for me.

Statement two: During the pandemic two of my closest friends (closest by friendship and geographically) left London. It’s been difficult not having them there to just call on BUT I have no intention of ever leaving London, so I needed to do something about meeting more local people.

Statement three: Been working with my coach. Mentioned before, spend your time doing things that add value to your own life.

So, those three things in mind I’ve finally moved something forward that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve created a supper club.

About three months ago I popped a post on the NextDoor app and shared the idea of whether people would like to come to my house, have me cook for them for a tenner (to cover the cost of the food) and meet new people. I had over 120 positive responses to this which quite frankly overwhelmed me.

I set up a separate group in the app (SELondonSupperClub if you want to join) and currently have just under 90 members. I told them how I planned to run these and this Saturday I have my first 10 guests, and the next 10 in May. 

I have set up separate WhatsApp groups with the attendees of each date and they are already flying with chat, and I am super excited about meeting my guests as it appears they are too.

I’ve spent a few weeks sorting the menu and whilst I feel they may be just expecting three standard courses, they most definitely won’t be! I’ve recruited my friends Carmen and Michelle to come and help me (can’t thank them enough) and my guests are going to get a fabulous experience.

I feel like I’ve created a great new local community and hope to make some fabulous new friends along the way whilst also doing what I love.

Please follow @SE23SupperClub on Instagram to see how it all ends up!

Part 2 to follow post the first event!

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