Lockdown Loathes & Loves

As a natural extrovert who craves human company and attention, I am surviving better than I thought I would in this lockdown world. But because I crave human company and attention, I have decided to share my loves and loathes of this new world. The loathes are first and surprising few in amount but they’re first because I want to end on a happy note.

Anyone else got any?


• I’m not getting physical human company and attention.
• Stupidity of others who flout the rules and ruin it for everyone.
• Thoughtlessness of people who feel that their small little issue is apparently a big thing when people are dying; people are financially and mentally struggling but you go ahead with your stupid insistency that your problem is the biggest.
• People who stockpiled toilet roll and handwash. You complete muppets.
• I can’t visit my parents.
• My increasing waistline.


Friends. I’m probably connecting with people more than I ever do. None of this… let’s put something in the diary for five weeks’ time – no – we just call. Not even text or voice call – VIDEO call. It’s revolutionary!
Group Chat. From coffee mornings to wine nights we’re getting together as groups online to chat – and as above how difficult is it usually to schedule this?

Finances. The only thing I’m spending money on is wine (and a bit of food and groceries every now and again). No clothes, no make up, no random Facebook purchases…
Wine. I work for a wine school and we’ve launched some super virtual tastings where wine is delivered to your door (if you want it) – BOOM!
Wine. Part 2. I’m learning so much through the tastings and I’m slowly getting through my Italian Wine Scholar study manual which may give me a bit of a head start for later in the year when I do the course.

Online wine tastings!

Work. Sometimes I wonder where all this alleged ‘down time’ is where people are going to do all the things they’ve ever wanted to. I have my list too but right now I’m grateful that I am working and able to survive financially (and mentally) and that my days are full.
Hair. There’s not any product going onto my hair, no hair dryer, no hair straighteners and it’s all nice and soft and healthy. I don’t care how it looks, I’m not going out – and friends will be fine that it’s looking big and strangely wavey. (The grey isn’t great though – not enough for a loathe though).
No Wastage. I have changed the way I cook. Now I cook based on when I need to eat produce ahead of its best before / eat by dates. This has led me to cook brand new recipes which I may never have considered before.
Local Produce. I’ve found some amazing local shops and producers who deliver amazing food to your door. #SupportLocal

The Garden. I just don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have open space.
My dog Rex. Once again, he’s my saviour – he has been for the four and a half years I’ve had him but right now his physical company is brilliant.

The NHS clapping. Simply brilliant and well deserved (actually for all key workers) and a feeling of community at least once a week on my street :0)
My friend Chris who in isolation and is producing the funniest ever little films. They really make me giggle.
Wildlife in my garden. Birds are nesting, bees are back.
Silence and clearness in the sky. The planes aren’t flying, and I got to see the International Space Station in all its glory zipping across the sky which I could not have done in the Heathrow / Gatwick flight paths in South East London in normal times.
• Free stuff. From the National Theatre streaming shows to clubs such as Golden streaming live DJ sets into the night (and the likes of Joe Wicks, Carol Vorderman and Myleene Klass doing stuff for kids) I just think it’s been amazing that these brands / companies / people are doing things to help. Yes, the cynics will argue it will help them when this is all over but to be fair, so it should.
Finally. Gary Barlow and his Crooner sessions. Enough Said.

I have a five-year diary. I look forward to reading back at this next time year and seeing if we have learned anything; maybe we will learn to slow down. Maybe we will learn to reduce waste more. Maybe we will learn to look after the environment more. I hope we take some lessons. But I can definitely say it won’t stop me from needing physical, human contact however amazing we are doing to adapt to not having it.

One thought on “Lockdown Loathes & Loves

  1. I hope these times don’t leave us without any lessons to take into the future. I have found my workplace to be far more flexible and enabling then it ever imagined it could have been in 2019.

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