How Was Your Blue Monday?

Yesterday was ‘Blue Monday’ – apparently it’s officially the worst day of the year. Pay day is still a week away; the week before was ‘Quitter’s Day’ the alleged official day when most people give up on their resolutions; a number of people are doing Dry January or Veganuary and that’s starting to take its toll (honestly January is definitely the worst month for this stuff – do it in February when you’re feeling better and there’s only 28 days!). But the optimist in me thinks that if yesterday was the worst day in the year then today can only be the start of it getting better!

A couple of weeks ago I spent a couple of days compiling my plans and goals for 2019. I was super excited and had bundles of energy which somehow managed to disappear within about two days…

Maybe it was the cold dark mornings, or maybe it was because I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t find extra work as savings-pot-one was starting to dwindle. Friends are staying in because it’s January so I was also feeling the effect of not interacting with people – coupled with the fact that I’m dieting, reducing alcohol intake and therefore I haven’t been heading out to cafes or to the local to work as I did before Christmas. My Uncle isn’t so well so that’s also playing on my mind.

However, the beauty of writing plans when you’re feeling energised is that you can go back to them and re-energise by starting to cross things off the list. And so today, I look at my list and actually – I’m doing ok!

Remember I had six themes:

Career & Finance: Things all of a sudden seem to be moving along at pace. I don’t want to tempt fate but there appear to be two or three things in the pipeline which by the time of my next blog I should be able to provide a positive update! Work with my existing client is going very well – I’m getting more involved in design as well – which is definitely out of my comfort zone but really enjoyable.

Physical Environment: As part of my ‘sort the garden out this year’ goal, I spent a rather geeky but pleasurable two hours yesterday researching plants that will survive in clay soil in full sunlight. I have drawn a ridiculous plan of the garden (I am not known for my artistic skills) so I know what needs to go where when I get to the garden centre in the spring. I have also finally brought the ironing out from it’s hidey hole and intend to do that today!

Spiritual / Time Out: I go out every day with Rex; rain or shine and fortunately over recent days it’s been shine – if not bloody cold. Just being in the fresh air with a super happy border collie who loves nothing better than to chase a ball brings a real smile to my face, it takes away any stress and also gives me the opportunity to just clear my head – I generally talk out loud to myself to sort my thoughts out – although not when people are around (don’t think I’m odd – I bet most of you do it as well!)

As we’ve all been staying in I’ve also spent quite some time on my London cross stitch which is starting to really take shape – it’s so therapeutic!

Health and Wellness: I’ve lost four pounds since the start of the year; not as much as I hoped but actually it’s pretty good – if I kept going at this rate then I’ll be down to where I want to be in four months which is ok I think! I wasn’t going to drink until January 13 (who on earth can do it for a full month?!) but then I found out I had passed my French Wine Scholar exam and hey I had to celebrate that!

Family & Social: So I haven’t really tried the dating scene as I said I would – but whilst I should take some responsibility for that I’m also thinking I wouldn’t mind shedding a couple more pounds first and as I’ve mentioned quite a few times – it’s January so nobody is out anyway! I’ve got lots of social activities getting lined up which I’m really looking forward to. It was also lovely to be on the receiving end of somebody thinking about me – I had a super surprise this morning when these arrived for me from my friend Marcia ‘Just because…’

Personal Development & Learning: I went to a trade tasting a couple of weeks ago – the en primeur Burgundy 2017; I’m also going to the Institute of Masters of Wine tomorrow for a three hour seated tasting focusing just on Semillon wines which I’m really looking forward to. As I mentioned above I’m also getting quite into some design work via a fantastic app called Canva – the more I do, the more I want to do – maybe need to just keep structured around that though!

Anyway; I said I’d tell you all my goals so you could keep me true to them; maybe not by checking up on me every day but saying them out loud is super useful!

Hope you’ve all either continued with your goals; or if not; wine a little… you’ll feel much better!