A Life ‘Changed’ Year

WOAH!! 2018 – where did you go?! Oh I know – you quit your safe job and went to France for the summer, got your first job in the wine industry, took a French Wine Scholar course and exam (awaiting results) and got yourself a 20% loyalty discount card at your local pub. WINNING! I’d […]

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Likes and Challenges

I woke up this morning and just thought ‘Nah! I have no inclination whatsoever to look at, let alone do anything off my to-do list’. Before I quit my job in June my biggest fear was that I would end up sleeping in and watching daytime tv. Ha – no chance. It’s gone completely the […]

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I’m Feeling The Rain Again

I like structure. I get agitated without it. Over the past two weeks I’ve had workmen in creating a brand new shower room for me and I am pleased to say it looks absolutely fabulous, a world apart from what it was before to where it is now. I’m really pleased with it. It was […]

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Who is walking the wrong way?

Last night I headed back into The City to have dinner with an old work friend. I arrived at London Bridge station around 5.30pm and I walked straight into ‘Commuter Hell’. Now of course up until the end of June I was also that Commuter. (Caps C is intentional – I feel they need to […]

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In Rex’s Eyes

You know this trip isn’t just my trip right? It’s also Rex’s. I often wonder what it must be like for him and as he’s documented this trip via his Twitter account @Rex_Collie I thought I’d share a taste of the tour from his perspective. Sometime earlier this year… Every day Humum leaves home early […]

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