The #9 Bus

We all know the quote ‘wait for ages and then they all arrive at once.’

In my last blog I said how much I’d been coasting. Blah blah, waiting for ages for something to happen.

Then it happened.

I applied for a writing course with a literary agent. I had to submit the synopsis and first 3,000 words of my novel. I haven’t felt as nervous since I first asked my friend Elle to read my first draft. Only fifteen people are allowed on the course, and I am delighted that I am one of them. It feels like validation. I always knew that I had a story to tell. I know that it needs improvement. I know that when people told me ‘You can always self-publish’ that I didn’t want that, I want someone to believe in it and it turns out they have. So, regardless of how this turns out it’s going in the right direction.

My tarot reader told me that I can’t give up the day job just yet. After feeling a bit deflated by this two major new contracts came my way. One with a well-known broadcaster, one with an aerospace client – an industry I’ve wanted to work in for years. A friend is also looking likely to set themselves up as well, I know I’ll definitely be part of that new company.

I feel excited. I’m ready to ‘feast’ after my famine. I’m excited that the next few months will be incredibly busy. I need this. I need change. I need new things, new insight. 

I’m reading more than I ever have (and I read a lot!), all I want to do is suck in new information, new thoughts, new ideas. For the first time in a long time I’m not cruising, I’m sailing. 

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