Lockdown 3.0 – Challenge On.


Back in March 2020 I, like many others wrote a list of all the things I was going to do in lockdown. But did anyone actually do them?! I worked all the way through, and the nights were light, so downtime was spent in the garden sunbathing, gardening, ok some cooking at weekends but not learning a foreign language or joining Joe Wicks. My eyes rolled so much at everyone giving us their joy about exercise and singing.

But this time is different. It’s dark after work has finished. So, what to do apart from box set watching?

Well… don’t get me wrong it’s hard to get motivated every day – especially when you’re on your own in a flat without a change of scenery – but I find myself with some freer time and so decided to get out the list and see what I could do… in just under two weeks I’ve…

  • Overhauled my CV – two years of working for myself and I’ve learned what I will and won’t sell my soul for to pay the mortgage.
  • Did a beginner’s jive class online with Joe and Diane from Strictly. The jive will be my wedding dance. Albeit a) I need to get married – which means I need to start dating but that’s illegal (see below) and b) they also need to learn to jive. Oh, and C) I already know which song I want to do it to. Damn. That doesn’t really work for a first song does it? Then I hurt my knee with extreme jive kicking. Seems ok now though.
  • Did a writing Masterclass with Margaret Attwood. God that woman is sassy, funny and smart and turns out I have the same writing approach as her.
  • Spent hours on writing up my Club Journal. The rave scene exploded again online in 2020, if I don’t do it now, I’m going to lose the momentum to get it published and most importantly bought (I’m waging on a massive advance so I don’t have to work for a while).
  • Only had wine on six days out of ten. Trust me. That’s a win.
  • Taught Rex some agility moves. He now jumps over and under the wooden jump things in the local park at my command. He still won’t come back to me when he’s playing with other dogs though. Win some lose some.
  • Played my clarinet. Sorry neighbours. I used to be quite good. Give me some time and I’ll be the South East London version of Acker Bilk.
  • Joined an online dating site (I need someone to do the wedding jive). Hate online dating but my friend persuaded me to try again. I have actually had interest and have had conversations from what appear to be normal men. Unfortunately, I can’t actually meet any of them. It’s ILLEGAL!
  • Got the Peleton app on the recommendation of my pal – to date I’ve done 5 classes and I love them.
  • Signed up to do the Italian Wine Scholar course. Need some focus.

Now what shall I do next week?! Oh, sod it. Too exhausted to be this energetic. Back to Designated Survivor from the comfort of my sofa for now.

One thought on “Lockdown 3.0 – Challenge On.

  1. Well done Terri that’s amazing achievements so far! I’ve heard about the pelaton app. It’s two months free trial. Worth downloading then?

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