Full & Mid Year Review

Last Saturday was my one year anniversary of leaving the full time corporate life. I would have written then but I was with my best friend in Paris for the day, dealing with the sweltering heat in the best way possible… with rose wine! After recovering on the Sunday I was in the process of […]

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A Life ‘Changed’ Year

WOAH!! 2018 – where did you go?! Oh I know – you quit your safe job and went to France for the summer, got your first job in the wine industry, took a French Wine Scholar course and exam (awaiting results) and got yourself a 20% loyalty discount card at your local pub. WINNING! I’d […]

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How did I get here? Part 1.

Friends of mine already know this story – well part of it anyway. If in time enough people are following this blog they may want to know where Uncorking the Finer Things came from so I thought I would share. Three years ago I had a rather acrimonious split with an ex. It was an […]

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