Full & Mid Year Review

Last Saturday was my one year anniversary of leaving the full time corporate life. I would have written then but I was with my best friend in Paris for the day, dealing with the sweltering heat in the best way possible… with rose wine! After recovering on the Sunday I was in the process of […]

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A Life ‘Changed’ Year

WOAH!! 2018 – where did you go?! Oh I know – you quit your safe job and went to France for the summer, got your first job in the wine industry, took a French Wine Scholar course and exam (awaiting results) and got yourself a 20% loyalty discount card at your local pub. WINNING! I’d […]

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Going Solo

There are two questions that hack me off more than anything. 1) Are you dating ‘yet’? 2) Are you ‘still’ single? As if being Solo (I prefer Solo to the demeaning single) is a bad thing and that to live your life to its fullest you have to have another half attached to you. Now […]

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